CNC metal turning

October 12, 2021by mingo0

UAB ZERS was established in Kaunas, Lithuania in the early 2010 year. The Company is certified according to the ISO9001:2015 standard. The existing company’s CNC Machines scope are newly obtained turning, milling, deep hole drilling and boring Machines, Thermal owens, Saws, all from German, Japanese, Italian manufacturers. Major CNC Machines are manufactured within 2012-2020 year period.

The company is capable to perform most technically complex tasks. Our specialization is medium-size and large size products – shafts, flanges, etc.

For external turning machining scope of works we have CNC Machines with hydraulic steadyrests (parts lenghts up to 2m long), we perform other turning work with CNC Machines with mechanical lunets (parts up to 4m long and up to 460mm in outside diameter).

We perform milling scope of works with 5-axis CNC Machines.

We have a large range of drilling / rolling heads to perform internal pipe machining works and we perform deep turning-drilling of pipes (up to 4 m long) with CNC Machines, too.

There are also new smaller size CNC Lathes, CNC Mills and Conventional turning-milling Machines in our workshop, which are capable to perform small volume tasks of various complexity.

We can perform thermal hardening of parts up to 1480mm in length.

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